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Roto Rooter made this type of plumbing service famous with their successful marketing campaigns, but most people don’t know what it actually means. Rooter service is any method of drain cleaning or pipe repair.

Expert plumbing companies like Apache Junction Plumber, typically employ a range of different tools to perform water pipe repair. Many times, it involves running water through clogged drains or using tools that snake through drains to unclog them. In other instances, the entire water pipe system must be taken apart unclog pipes manually. 

Apache Junction Plumber offers FREE ESTIMATES on Rooter Services for Apache Junction, Mesa, Gold Canyon and Queen Creek. Our work is guaranteed and your satisfaction is our goal. 

Why Are Rooter Plumbing Services Needed?

Rooter plumbing services are designed to solve the many common problems like slow drains, clogged drains, clogged toilets, low water pressure, plumbing leaks and other plumbing issues. Blockages can affect your plumbing in many ways, depending on the type of clog and where it is located.

A clog inside a home’s drains may only affect the appliance or fixture nearest its location. Clogs like this are generally made up of debris such as food scraps, hair, and soap scum.

A larger clog blocking a sewer line may show different widespread drainage issues in several areas of a home like minor backups in tubs and showers, or when a toilet is flushed or when a washing machine is in use.

Sewer clogs can be due to debris build up, non-flushable items like toys, cardboard items, towels, etc, in the pipes, or they may be caused by tree roots growing into your sewer line. This type of issue will likely require professional help with tools the average homeowner just doesn’t own.

A rooter service can handle multiple commonplace problems like slow drains and clogged drains, and should a rooter plumber should be contacted as soon as plumbing  problems are detected. If tree roots are determined to be the cause of plumbing issues, it is important that an experienced professional is in control of any rooter machinery because it's easy to damage pipes. Rooter service is an important part of plumbing maintenance when there’s a mysterious clog, wastewater backup or any other drainage issue. Get a FREE estimate from Apache Junction Plumber by calling: 480-588-0700.


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